Check out the Dark Myths podcast collective

I’ve linked up with a few other showrunners in the Dark Myths podcast collective. Some serious talent in there, many who put me to shame, so if you enjoy The MartyrMade Podcast, I know you’ll enjoy the shows on offer from the others.

In addition to MartyrMade, you can hear:

  1. The Italian Stallion Daniele Bolelli’s amazing History on Fire
  2. Jordan Harbour’s Twilight Histories
  3. Kevin Valbonesi’s Voices From the Ages
  4. Craig Buddy’s History of Pirates
  5. Beau Caprice-Vetch’s The Mythology Podcast
  6. Travis Dow and Peter Collman’s History of Alchemy and The Secret Cabinet
  7. …and more!

Check out Dark Myths here!

MartyrMade Podcast #4 – The Roarin’ 20s in British Mandatory Palestine


Hi everyone. Been a long time. My day job has been downright abusive the last 2-3 months, but we’re back with Episode 4 of Fear & Loathing in the New Jerusalem. As the Middle Eastern regional order is hammered into place by the Entente powers, Zionism goes underground. Prosperity abroad and security in Palestine make the 1920s a relatively quiet period in this story. It’s been chaos behind us and nothing but chaos in front, but we’re in the eye of the storm. The British try a more inclusive approach toward the Arabs, but as the real effects of the Zionist project begin to be felt, tensions rise until the decade ends as it began… in violence.

Download or listen below, or get this episode via iTunes or Stitchr.

Thank you for your patience…

Just wanted to check in to thank anyone still following this podcast for their patience. I haven’t stopped working and nothing is on hold. But my regular job has been brutal over the last month, and I’ve been reduced to getting in podcast work sessions at 5 am before leaving and late at night before bed. All I need is a week of a somewhat sane schedule and I’ll get Episode 4 out for you guys. This episode is really the core of the entire series, and I’m excited to get it done. Anyway, thanks again. I’m working hard, I promise.

Anthropology of a Rap Feud – Notes on the Humiliation of Meek Mill




Humiliation has been a primary social regulator for as long as humans have been sharing a campfire. As I discussed in the Shoptalk episode of Fear & Loathing in the New Jerusalem, honor and shame rule the barbarous days before the establishment of state institutions, and always lie waiting for the day institutions lose their grip. Hip hop arose from a marginalized urban culture whose relationship to state institutions usually ranged from distant to hostile, and in an environment where institutional legitimacy never fully supplanted the old codes. Ancient human social dynamics were on display in the recent feud between rappers Drake and Meek Mill. The Twitterverse has mistaken the drama for a comedy, but in truth The Humiliation of Meek Mill had the makings of a great tragedy or heroic epic. Continue reading

Veil Prohibition & Preference Falsification

“Conservative” and “progressive” can be broadly defined as those who identify with, feel a sense of responsibility for, and have a stake in the existing social order on one hand, and those who feel excluded from, have a grievance against, and stand to benefit from its rearrangement on the other. Thus, the right has usually been relatively homogeneous, while the left has been comprised of various groups entered into occasionally logic-bending alliance against the mainstream.┬áIn the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, we’ve seen the beginnings of an internecine split in the coalition of the cultural left. Enough ink has been spilled on the increasingly bitter civil war between frequently-atheist secular humanists and tolerance-obsessed multiculturalists, but I thought I’d use one little battle of that war to mention a great little book I recently found. Continue reading