Hi everybody,

Quick note about the new Decline of the West podcast. I had put the first few episodes out on the MartyrMade feed for people to preview, and I’ve gotten great feedback, so thank you! But I decided not to clog up the MartyrMade feed with outside episodes, so I pulled them.

I looked at the episode list and realized that it was just confusing the point, and I don’t want MartyrMade listeners to get confused about exactly what it is I’m trying to do with this show. As a rule, I’m a better person when I’m working on MartyrMade than at any other time, because I force myself to really think about how I feel, and whether I can justify it or if my feelings are in keeping with the principles by which I try to measure myself. Decline, on the other hand, is an unedited off-the-cuff show where, for example, I might put myself in the position of responding emotionally to something in the news. Responding emotionally is fun, especially when you guys slap me down in the comments, but I want MartyrMade to be MartyrMade, and that other thing to be that other thing.

For everyone who has been enjoying both, you know where to The Decline of the West.